Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The new BMW 7 series is a car that is luxurious and sporty at the same time. They will come in 2 models, the 750i and the 750Li. The 750Li will be a couple of inches longer but both models will have a 400 horsepower, 4.4 liter twin turbo V8. The BMW will have a Active Roll Stabilization along with Integral Active Steering, which helps handling while at higher speeds by making the rear wheels turn. it also has Dynamic driving Control which allows the driver to adjust the car to their liking. The 7 series has front and rear obstacle detection, blind-spot alert, lane-departure warning, a head-up display, sideview and rearview cameras, and high beams that automatically dim when oncoming traffic is detected. this car a 40 GB hard drive for navigation systems and audio and up to 13 GB of the memory can be used to store music files. This is a really nice car and should be available soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Nikon CoolPix P6000

The Nixon CoolPix  P6000 has a 13.5 megapixel sensor, a 4x zoom lens, and low light shooting up to ISO 6400. This seems like a regular camera but it's not. When you take a picture the built in GPS tracks where the picture was taken. Now if you forget where a picture was taken then you can looks and see exactly here it was taken. You don't have to keep the GPS on when you take a picture if you don't want it to show where you were when you took the picture. The Nixon CoolPix P6000 costs $500.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Giant Twist Freedom DX Bike

This bike is a new kind of bike. It rides like a normal bike but when you go up hills one of the 2 batteries on the back supply you with more power. You can put the bike in 3 modes: Eco, normal, and sport. Eco puts more emphasis on peddling not the motor and sport give you more power so you don't have to work as hard. On a single charge this bike can go 75 miles and costs around $2,000.